Well-Architected Review

Azure has introduced a public preview of its Well-Architected Framework assessment on Azure Advisor, marking an advancement in cloud service optimization and architectural excellence. This initiative is designed to help Azure customers evaluate and improve their cloud architectures across five critical pillars: reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency.

The assessment is an interactive process, taking between 30 to 60 minutes to complete, and involves a series of multiple choice and multiple response questions to your specific cloud scenarios. Upon completion, Azure provides curated, personalized guidance to enhance your cloud architecture. This guidance is pragmatic and actionable, enabling you to iteratively improve your architectural design for optimal performance and efficiency over time.

This development signifies Azure’s commitment to supporting its customers in achieving the most efficient, secure, and well-architected cloud environments. By leveraging the Well-Architected Framework assessment, organizations can ensure their Azure workloads are not just operational but optimized for future growth and challenges.

Why well-architected framework?

Incorporating the Well-Architected Framework into your Azure architecture can significantly enhance your cloud environment’s efficiency, security, and scalability. My advice is to regularly utilize this assessment as a health check for your cloud solutions. The benefits are manifold:

  • Optimization of Costs: By identifying inefficiencies, you can streamline resources, reducing unnecessary expenditure.
  • Security Strengthening: It helps pinpoint vulnerabilities, ensuring your architecture adheres to best security practices.
  • Operational Excellence: Enhance reliability and operational practices, leading to smoother, more dependable cloud operations.
  • Performance Efficiency: Identify areas for improvement in your application’s performance, ensuring they run at peak efficiency.
  • Reliability: Improve the overall reliability of your systems, ensuring they are resilient and can effectively handle failures.

What have I learned from the assessment?

From the assessment, I’ve learned that a comprehensive approach to application design on Azure should include considerations for scalability, global distribution, microservice architecture, and resilient coding practices. It’s crucial to evaluate the reliability of the application platform, including the effectiveness of the programming languages and frameworks used, and the deployment strategy, particularly around containerization.

Additionally, understanding the nuances of a data platform, such as volume handling and data throughput, is key to designing a system that can handle mission-critical workloads effectively. This framework encourages a strategic perspective on application and data platforms, ensuring that each component is designed to meet high standards of operational effectiveness.


The results page of a Microsoft Assessment provides an overview of your evaluation, including an overall score to benchmark your progress. It gives you a structured understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement, complete with actionable next steps and personalized recommendations for each category. These recommendations are coupled with links to further documentation, supporting a deeper dive into areas of interest. Moreover, the platform offers the ability to share results on various social media channels, enabling you to showcase your journey and progress to a broader audience.

Information provided by the assessment

After completing the assessment, you will be taken to the results page. This page will provide you with an overall score helping you benchmark where you are on your journey. It also provides curated next steps and tailored recommendations per category with links to additional documentation to read. You can share your assessment’s results on social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email) as an opportunity to create a comprehensive picture of your current strengths and opportunities for growth. The goal is to help you determine what concrete actions you can take to improve your journey.


To conclude, the Well-Architected Framework assessment on Azure Advisor is a tool for enhancing your cloud solutions. It’s a free service, reflecting Microsoft’s dedication to providing valuable tools for cloud management. Use this assessment to elevate your Azure architecture without incurring any costs.

Let me know what your learnings are from the assessment!

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